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Lecture of Björn Schmelzer within the Concentus Moraviae Festival



Saturday June 24th, 2017 at 19:00


Praha / Forum for architecture and media, Husova 18, 602 00 Brno


Björn Schmelzer, artistic director of the Belgian ensemble graindelavoix, will talk about the fascination for the voices of the past, the desire to hear them and to evoke them. Is this a practice only specific and only limited to the western music subgenre called 'early music'? Schmelzer argues that the fascination for "voices of the past" since modernity and even long before, has always been somehow ambiguous: on the one hand there is an almost spiritualist and re-enacting desire of evoking those voices, on the other hand they are exorcized or at least put into a neutralizing framework which excludes any anachronistic eruption of time, giving rise to the paradox of the impossible embodiment of past sounds.
'Early music' feels the need to imprison and seal these voices into a proper place, a so called place of origin, while it will be shown how these musical repertoires and practices themselves have always resisted a proper place and origin in time, and that they always were machinized with the help of affective diagrams in order to transform the things around them and guarantee the animation of an 'after-life'. Schmelzer would like to show that evoking those voices is a practice of listening in the sense of negotiating, made concrete into performing practice.



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