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Town with the fragrance of the south

Mikulov is a picturesque historical town with just under eight thousand inhabitants which lies in the middle of a sundrenched landscape sown with vineyards. It is a town which can boast a number of monuments, a town with the fragrance of the south. The town is the centre of the Mikulov winegrowing area, which is the biggest in the Czech Republic with almost three thousand hectares of vineyards, and it lies on the border with neighbouring Austria, approximately 50 km from Brno.


The development of the town has always been influenced by its position on the Moravian-Austrian border. The Mikulov area was added to Moravia after the victory of King Vratislav over the Austrian House of Babenburg in 1082. The ancient trade route from the Baltic to the Adriatic crossed the newly established border between the main Pálava Ridge, which begins in Mikulov at the Zámecký Hill and Goat Peak (Kozí vršek), and its central ridge, which includes Svatý kopeček. The first mention of Mikulov dates from 1173. The document which founded the monastery in Dolní Kounice also substantiates the existence of the church and the settlement which belonged to it.


Mikulov offers its inhabitants a wide range of historical monuments – a château standing on a striking cliff promontory, a historical square with renaissance houses, the Dietrichstein tomb, the Goat Castle (Kozí Hrádek) and the Holy Hill (Svatý kopeček) with its Way of the Cross. The Jewish cemetery, the only Polish-type synagogue which has been preserved in Moravia, and the former Jewish quarter remind visitors of the significance of the Jewish ghetto which was established here in the 15th century and gradually grew until the Mikulov Jewish community eventually became one of the most significant in Moravia.


Not many natural areas offer as many opportunities for active recreation in nature as Mikulov and its environs. The landscape’s relief has been created by the Mikulov Downs with the limestone ridge of the Pavlovský Peaks and then forested by the Milovice Forest. The Pavlovský Peaks particularly attract the attention of visitors with their varied forms of karst phenomena and the diversity of their flora and fauna.


A healthy lifestyle is one of the current trends and the development of cycle tourism is associated with this. Mikulov and the entire region are just right for cycle tourism. The landscape around Mikulov and the Pálavský Peaks is interwoven with a network of high quality cycle trails, including several long-distance and international routes. They often pass through the most beautiful and best preserved parts of this area where there are no busy or overcrowded roads.


However, hiking and history are not the only things which Mikulov can offer. Culture is also an integral part of this south Moravian town.


Every year Mikulov offers its visitors a wide range of cultural events. Here is a summary of the most significant events.


  • the Traditional Costume Feast

The tradition costume feast was established in Mikulov in 2008. A procession of fans of folklore dressed in folk costumes passes through the entire town and everybody sings and dances in the amphitheatre under Turold in the evening.

  • The Nations of the Podyjí Festival

The Mikulov square is filled every year with stands selling varied culinary specialities of the nations from the Podyjí area. The event is accompanied by a rich musical program.

  • the Pálava Wine Harvest

The second weekend of September traditionally belongs to wine celebrations in Mikulov. The Pálava Wine Harvest has been celebrated in this romantic town in south Moravia since 1947. Presently, it is not only characterised by a historical and folklore program, but also by a modern program which attracts visitors from the wider environs. The older generation enjoys the folklore groups with dulcimers and brass instruments in the centre of the town, while the younger people wait for the evening concerts of bands from the entire republic. The symbol of the south Moravian autumn – new wine – is, of course, associated with this most significant Mikulov event.


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Svatý kopeček

Svatý kopeček

Kostel sv. Václava

Kostel sv. Václava

Mikulovský zámek

Mikulovský zámek

Židovský hřbitov

Židovský hřbitov


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