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Michael Popp / artistic leader

Sarah M. Newman  / soprano

Gerlinde Sämann / soprano

Sigrid Hausen / mezzo-soprano

Petra Noskaiová / alto

Michael Popp / fiddle, harp, santur, oud, dilruba



Hildegard von Bingen

Studium divinitatis

O Virga ac diadema

Cum processit

Columba aspexit

Spiritus Sanctus

O ignis spiritus

O quam mirabilis

Aer enim volat

O virtus sapientiae

Tu rubes et aurora

Rex noster

O tu illustrata 


The poetry, music and ideas of Hildegard von Bingen date from the 12th century and yet speaks to us as if they were written yesterday. Her celebration of the divine life never ceases to inspire the seekers of beauty and spirituality. The ensemble VocaMe became famous by interpreting the hyms of Kassia, a 9th century female composer and they continue their search for “women power” in music by singing the extraordinary visions of Hildegard von Bingen.




Under the auspices of H. E. Mr. Arndt Freiherr Freytag von Loringhoven, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Czech Republic.


ticket prize 200 CZK

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Voca Me (c) Kassia

Voca Me (c) Kassia

Voca Me

Voca Me


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