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DOMINIQUE VISSE / artistic leader

Vis Musica

Dominique Visse / counter tenor, artistic leader

Diana Lee, David Wish / violin

Marianne Muller / viola da gamba

François Gallon / cello

Diana Baroni / flute

Sébastien Wonner / harpsichord



Cantates comiques / Comic cantatas

Philippe Courbois: Cantate Dom Quichotte

Michel Corrette: Concerto comique La Marche du Huron

Nicolas Racot de Grandval: Cantate La Matrone d'Ephèse

Marin Marais: Les folies d’Espagne

Pierre de La Garde: Cantate La Sonate


Dominique Visse is without any question a blessed countertenor. Not only does he reach for the stars with his voice, but he´s a fascinating actor at the same time. In the comic cantata „La Matrone d´Ephèse“ he loves to sing all five roles at the same time. If you listen with your eyes closed you would think there are many more singers on stage. You also immediately understand why composer Nicolas Racot de Grandval called many of his stage works „tragedies for laughing“. This cantata is only one of the many comical perls of early 18th century France that can be discovered during this performance.


ticket price: 300 / 200 CZK

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Dominique Visse

Dominique Visse


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