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GABRIEL RIVANO / bandoneon

Gabriel Rivano / bandoneon



Tango feliz

El choclo, El once, 9 de julio,

Tudo Bonn, Adios Nonino, Clown


If you say melancholy, you say tango. If you say tango, you say bandoneon. If you say bandoneon, you say Gabriel Rivano. Gabriel Rivano says: happy melancholy! The story he tells shows that the bandoneon also has a humurous side. Not only the „clown piece“ by Egberto Gismonti, but also tango-evergreens as El Choclo…or does one hear Bizet’s Habanera? In the end of story the main character (the bandoneon) accepts that life has both humor and drama.


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Gabriel Rivano 4

Gabriel Rivano 4

Gabriel Rivano 5

Gabriel Rivano 5


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