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Part of the accompanaying program of the European Festival of Philosophy


Igudesman a Joo

Aleksey Igudesman / violin

Hyung-Ki Joo / piano



A Little Nightmare Music


The show A little nightmare music became a classics in its genre and Igudesman and Joo made laugh audiences all over the world already. In their musical sketches anything can happen as they show the music world as it is in its essence: a big playing ground for adult children. As actor Sir Roger Moore says about this extraordinary performance: „A Little Nightmare Music as a title is a misnomer… Igudesman and Joo are a DREAM… watch them!“


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Poster_IgudesmanJoo - HQ02_200410FP2_(c)Julia_Wesely

Poster_IgudesmanJoo - HQ02_200410FP2_(c)Julia_Wesely

Igudesman a Joo

Igudesman a Joo


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