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ALEXANDER BALANESCU / violin, voice, ADA MILEA / guitar, voice


ADA MILEA / guitar, voice

Alexander Balanescu / violin, voice

Ada Milea / guitar, voice



The Island

music and lyrics: Alexander Balanescu, Ada Milea

based on the novel by: Gellu Naum


Renowned violinist Alexander Balanescu and singer-songwriter Ada Milea only need their two voices and two instruments to make the surrealistic world of Rumanian writer Gellu Naum come alive. Starting point is the story of Robinson Crusoe but the music goes way beyond the borders of the tale. Be warned: “Mabogo’s the king of the cannibal’s kingdom. Mabogo decides everything about our freedom.”


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Alexander & Ada

Alexander & Ada

Alexander & Ada2

Alexander & Ada2


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