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Constantin Suppee

Ferdinand Störel

Maximilian Hensel

Benjamin Stache
sound objects: Erwin Stache



A Laboratory Musical Humor

Plastic Bottle Series No. 1

Swinging Poles

Music Trainer

Optical Mice

Sound Pipe Cleaner

Ping Pong Series No. 3

Mystic Sounds

sound boxes

Neon Sounds

Final piece


Performances of the Atonor ensemble are always exciting. One wonders how this and that object actually works and questions if it’s allowed to laugh. To the latter Atonor says: Yes, absolutely! No wonder since they make music with sample phones, a music home trainer, drain pipe cleaners, wardrobe racks and much more objects that are part of the witty sound installations of composer-inventor Erwin Stache. The result is unpredictable, crazy, funny and very surprising.


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Atonor (c) Heinz Bunse

Atonor (c) Heinz Bunse

Atonor (c) Niklas Altschaffel

Atonor (c) Niklas Altschaffel


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